How To Get more Visitors To Your Blog

Now that you have your website up and running, you need to make sure that your blog is a good fit for your website! Here are some basic things to consider if you want to draw more visitors to your blog:

  • The length

If your blog is too long it will be hard to provide a good experience to your readers. If you have a long blog, make sure that you add some variation in your product pages (eg. “what’s new” or “top posts”) to make it more engaging to your readers.

  • The layout

If you are using WordPress, make sure that your blog is tastefully designed so that it’s easy for users to find the content. If you are using Bootstrap, make sure that it’s well-designed and easy to use.

  • Content

Make sure that your blog is easy for your readers to find information on the most popular topics. If you have a lot of popular posts, make sure that those are easy to find.

  • Alternatives

You can also create your own social media profiles and follow other people on those social networks.

  • Relevance

The more relevant your content to other people’s lives, the better. The more important your content is to your readers, the higher your chances of getting a good rate. If you are in a niche and need to get your content to the right people, make sure that it’s relevant to their needs.

  • Site navigation

Your site navigation should be easy to use and easy to reference. Use the navigation bar on the right side of the screen to help readers find your content. Make sure that you add your content along with your navigation so that they can easily follow you.

  • Social media profiles

You need to have an active social media presence. If you are not active and you do not have many followers on social media, you are going to have trouble getting your content to go viral. Make sure that you are active on your social media profiles.

  • Content marketing

Have you ever seen a website that is so good that it leads to a ton of sales, or a site that is so good that it leads to 50% of your visitors buying something? If you are doing content marketing, then you need to be doing it for the right reasons. You need to create content that is relevant to the needs of your customers and that is of high quality.

  • New content

Make sure that you have some new content that is going to be interesting to your readers. You can usually create new content for free on, so make sure to submit some new content (unless you are planning on building a thriving business, in which case make sure to get paid for your content).

  • Guest blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to increase your reach and increase your revenue. Make sure that you are creating a good website for your guest bloggers so that they can get their content in front of people.

  • Analytics

Make sure that you have a good analytics system in place. If you are doing statistics, make sure that you are using the right tools to make sure that you are getting the right information.

  • Domain Name

Its always good to have a domain name matching what your website is about. Google page ranking also affected by the domain name you will have so it is always good to invest time into finding the perfect domain name.

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Julia Bauer