How to Choose The Best Domain Name For Your Company

The first and most important thing to consider when choosing a new domain name is: Is there a good reason to use the same name for both the domain of the site or the brand? If not, the name may simply be too similar, and it will be easy to confuse a new visitor, client, or customer into thinking it is a brand new industry. For instance, if a brand new industry is looking for an answer to the search engine, it may be more logical to name the brand the relevant industry. For instance, if the question is “How to become a better street photographer?” or “How to become an end users of the new mobile phone?” then the name “Street Photography” would be best.

Similarly, if the company has some value to offer, a new domain name may just make sense when both the new name and the company are identical. For example, if you are a lawyer, you may want to name your company to give more background for the site. But if you work as a restaurant critic, then you may want to name the brand to give more information on how you review restaurants.

Another option is to use a generic new name. For example, if you are an internet retailer such as Amazon or eBay, there is a good chance that you will have a small opening for a new website, just like they do. If you worked as a salesperson at a large for-profit company (i.e. a company that sells products), then you may not want to go with a name that would sell well and may confuse those customers given the incredible high competition for their space.

Julia Bauer