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More Visitors To Your Domain

More Visitors To Your Domain

Engineers at Namekrea perfected the art of generating most creative and SEO optimised domain name using Artificial Intelligence. All for free, for you.

SEO Optimised Headlines

SEO Optimised Headlines

Don't be shy! Snatch that headline suggestion to improve your website performance! We have trained NameKrea AI to generate SEO optimised text.

Higher Ranking in Search Engines

Higher Ranking in Search Engines

It's no brainer that domain name has a direct influence on the ranking on search engines. NameKrea AI has learned how to generate domain name from top ranked website names.

Companies with SEO Optimized Domain Name Are

%90 More Likely To Be Found

Your domain name is the start of everything. Don't take a chance. We have created the most sophisticated AI algorithm to generate you with the best domain name possible. 

Namekrea doesn't only create domain name but also headlines for you. Namekrea AI is trained to generate creative headlines for you depending on your keywords. Don't be shy! Snatch it before it is gone!

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What Pro's Are Saying

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Daniela Hertz

Senior Marketer at Sophie

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As a marketer, it was always the hardest thing to find the perfect domain name for my clients. Namekrea saved me countless hours! I also really like the SEO optimized headline suggestion.

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Julia Bauer

Marketing Director at Namekrea

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When I first used Namekrea it was almost magical. I never expected for a machine to be that creative. AI is truly going to revolutionize Marketing industry!

Why We Made NameKrea?

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We believe that in today’s hyper competitive web landscape, it is getting harder to get a good domain name. A good domain name is important because, it is already getting really expensive and hard to get a good spot on Google Rankins. SEO optimized domain names are hard to come by and if you don’t have a great digital marketing team, it is a tedious task.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how hard it is to start a business. Even after you start a business, blog, project whatever, it gets even harder.So to equalize the competition landscape, we want to open source our NameKrea AI for free for everyone to use and benefit from it.

Starting and running a business is already hard, let us help you make it easier just a little bit.


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